Thanks for a great move-in!

I’m emailing to commend and thank your company in completing my family’s recent relocation to Woodbridge, VA. Your crew of professionals including Lawrence Miller, Cesar Rodriguez, Elsa Cortez, and Ricardo Gonzalez delivered, unloaded, and unpacked 9 crates of household goods and furniture last Tuesday, October 14. They had no easy task that day considering the unseasonable humidity and our three-level home with multiple narrow stairways.

Please commend Lawrence, Cesar, Elsa, and Ricardo for their professionalism, courtesy, expertise, and care in getting the job done. I was thoroughly impressed with their abilities as a team. After three military moves in 5 years, they were the best crew to date. I hope you’ll consider recognizing their performance and hard work.

Furthermore, each individual I spoke with over-the-phone in customer service and operations were friendly and helpful. I also appreciate the company sending another truck out later in the week to gather empty boxes and packing material.

Your company’s personnel and their performance were absolutely a bright spot in what has been an otherwise disappointing military move. Thanks for helping us end our relocation on a high note!

– Mark G.


Fantastic Job

I wanted you to know about the fantastic job that Mauricio and his crew did yesterday for us.  From the inventory review through the move, they all were great to work with, were friendly, professional and careful.  None of our items were missing or damaged or walls/floors scratched (happy wife) Mauricio made sure that we accounted for all the inventory before they departed and we all shared several laughs during the course of the move.  Please know that this team worked extremely hard and deserve recognition.

Once again, my wife and I are extremely pleased that we selected Executive Moving Systems and will be referring your services to all we know.

Thank you and it has been my pleasure conducting business with your company.

– Scott W. Esq.

Best Move in thirty-eight years

“I am writing to give you feedback on the best move we have experienced in thirty-eight years, completed by the Executive Moving Systems/Zenith Van & Storage team during the period 30 April – 3 May 2014. It is no small compliment to describe this as the best move we have ever had. Between us, my husband and I have over fifty-eight years of military and government service and with that, dozens of moves.

On Wednesday, 30 April, their packers, Masud and Thomas, drove from Woodbridge to our home three hours away in the rural countryside near Lexington, Virginia. As we expected, their GPS guided them away from our house. We had experienced intensely heavy rains for several days prior to their arrival and despite their best efforts, Masud and Thomas ended up with their moving van stuck in a cornfield about a mile away from our house. They called me immediately to let me know. What could have been a disaster was more than offset by their positive “can-do” attitude, unending energy, and eager readiness to get started packing, which they did as soon as our neighbor pulled their van from the muddy field with his tractor. Masud and Thomas never missed a beat. They worked tirelessly for two days, packing our 20,000 pounds on household goods. As the second day ended and Thomas prepared the final paperwork, he was confronted by a rattlesnake inside our dining room, just inches from his feet. Neither Thomas nor Masud flinched and they stood fast until my husband removed the snake. Throughout the entire two days, they were unflappable, happy, positive, and extremely hard-working.

The next day the loading and moving team consisting of Jose, Franklin, Arnoldo and Rolando arrived just after 8:00 a.m. We were astounded at the incredible work ethic the entire team demonstrated. In dozens of moves I have never seen anyone work harder than the members of his team. They pressed on for hours, hauling boxes and furniture, filling two trucks, stopping only for a few minutes for a quick sandwich. They were unfailingly positive, polite, and energetic.

Their packing, loading and moving crews set the standard for the entire moving industry and the owners should be very proud of them. I am sending a copy of this letter to the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office Mid-Atlantic Region, commending your team and your company for the incredible high quality and exemplary customer service they demonstrated, even under the most challenging circumstances. I know that their company prides itself on having been selected as the independent mover of the year. It is clear to me that it is because of the exemplary high quality service their employees provide that their team earned such a high distinction.

Please pass along to all of the members of the team our most sincere thanks and our congratulations on a job exceedingly well done.”

– Susan R

You Guys Rock!

Thank you very much for helping us with our move.  As a Realtor, I help people buy and sell many times over throughout the year, and moving myself gave me the opportunity to appreciate what my clients go through.

We are very grateful for the time that you spent with us at the initial consultation.  You came prepared, your presentation was precise and informative, and you took the time to answer all of our questions without making us feel like we were under any pressure.  I appreciated the fact that you texted me to let me know that you were on your way.  We did get an estimate from another moving company that was referred, but there was just no comparison.  The second representative just acted like he didn’t want to be there, like we were wasting his time.  Within five minutes, I knew that I didn’t want to work with them because I was very turned off by the representative.

The choice was easy Yo-G.  And your movers were very friendly and seemed like they actually enjoyed their work.  We felt very comfortable with them, and they took their time making sure everything was handled carefully.  They also worked well together as a team, a very cohesive group of professional movers.

Executive Moving Systems will be the ONLY moving company that I recommend to all of my clients from this day forward.  I will also create a page on my websites specific to Executive Moving Systems.  Hands down, you guys ROCK!!!


Satisfied Customer!

Thank you for arranging this move. I found out about Executive from a radio ad (at WAVA).  The experience was as good as the ad was saying.  Everybody cared about out situation, the office staff were friendly and attentive, the workers were very careful with the furniture, and worked very efficiently; they gladly helped me to move other pieces of furniture around the house (because I am on crutches, I could not do it myself).

The only glitch was that the truck was twice as large as what we needed, so it could not go through the front gate at the destination. This made it necessary for the workers to carry the furniture longer distance, which took up considerably more time.  However, the office agreed not to charge us for the extra time because it was an issue with the excessive truck size.  We very much appreciated their understanding.

Overall, I can confidently say this was the best move indeed and that satisfied customer is the focal point of attention.

Thank you very much.

R. Savickas